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Civil Aviation Club

Global Scuba is located at the Civil Aviation Club and provides pretty air-conditioned bungalows giving accommodation at the dive centre located close to the long sandy beach.

Accommodation comprises a lounge with television, twin beds and a Kitchenette - Shower - Toilet.

For non - divers wishing to laze and bask in the sun, it's easy!

There are small colourful huts, located on the beach close to the bungalows.
There is no noise except the surf,
There are no crowds apart from seagulls and other sea birds resting on the sand.

At the Civil Aviation Club there is a restaurant with affordable prices, a bar, a large terrace overlooking the sea where you can enjoy a nightcap whilst watching the sunset.


Your underwater adventure begins! Imagine watching the water level move up your mask as you slowly go below the surface - and continue to breathe! It's the most exciting feeling imaginable and yours when you become a NAUI Scuba Diver or SSI open Water!

Scuba Diver / Open Water are our entry level scuba certification courses during which you will learn the fundamental knowledge and skills to safely scuba dive in open water. When you complete your class you and your buddy will be free to explore and discover the many wonders of the underwater world…and, you will have earned a NAUI Scuba Diver or SSI open Water certification card – the most respected diver certification cards in the world!

Come on and dive in…a lifetime of fun, adventure, memories, experiences, and new friends awaits you!

Your instructor will teach you about dive equipment, the science of diving, responsible diving practices and the environment. You will also learn many skills in the water with practice time for your safety and comfort; and complete your training with open water dives.

As long as you are 10 years or older and in good physical condition, you can enroll in a NAUI Scuba Diver or SSI Open Water course.

Once you become a certified diver, perhaps you want to further your training with an Advanced Scuba Diver / Advanced Open Water or Rescue Diver courses? Maybe you or someone you know was certified long ago and needs a refresher course. Perhaps you want to become a dive professional and go all the way to Divemaster or even become an Instructor! Whatever your scuba and skin diving needs, we can help you realize your dreams!


Let your underwater adventure continue! Apply your scuba skills as you explore new dive sites and activities under the supervision and training of your diving Instructor. Learn which diving specialties interest you, and what type of diving you enjoy most. Gain more confidence and capability. Begin to consider the direction diving will take you, as you go for everything it has to offer.

The Advanced courses are an enjoyable certification course for 12-year-old (or older) certified divers who desire additional training, have moved from one diving area to another and desire local orientation, do not have, but wish to obtain, NAUI/SSI certification, or who desire orientation to a variety of diving sites and conditions.

As part of your certification, you will complete a minimum of six open water dives including three separate dives for navigation, night or low visibility diving and deep diving (130 feet/40 meters maximum depth), plus three different dives. Some of the many different dives you can do include:

* Search and recovery
* Boat diving
* Light salvage
* Hunting and collecting
* Exploration and underwater mapping
* Wreck diving (non-penetration)
* Observation and data collection
* Diving in surf or currents
* Shore diving
* Diving for photos or video
* Using dive computers


Gain the in-depth knowledge that will establish you as a recognized authority in your diving club or group. Hone your diving skills to the level of a professional NAUI/SSI Leader. Thrill to the adventure of open water dives in settings that will test your abilities to their limit while enhancing and expanding your diving capabilities. Then proudly wear the most coveted and respected patch in recreational diving - that of the NAUI/SSI Master Scuba Diver.

The course is an continuing education certification course for divers who wish to increase their understanding and enjoyment of diving. Emphasis is on student participation and practical application of knowledge in open water after a classroom discussion of subjects. This course is an excellent progression toward NAUI/SSI Leadership roles.

Some subject areas are a review and expansion of material from previous courses. Each subject area is a progression in study not a definitive study in the particular diving activity. However, instructors will specify performance objectives for related course diving activities, for example, during a navigation dive the student will swim a reciprocal course to within 10 feet (3 m) of its origin.

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates are considered competent to engage in open water diving activities without supervision, provided the diving activities and the areas dived approximate those of training. Open Water Dives A minimum of eight open water dives is required. A maximum of three dives per day shall be applied toward course requirements. No more than one skin dive may count toward the eight dive minimum.

Required Dives

* Emergency procedures and rescue
* Deep/simulated decompression diving
* Limited visibility or night diving
* Underwater navigation
* Search and recovery – light salvage

Elective Dives

* Skin diving
* Review of basic scuba skills
* Environmental study or survey
* Air consumption (practical application)
* Boat diving
* Shore diving
* Hunting and collecting
* Special interest

Prerequisites for Entering This Course

* Age - Minimum is 15 years.

* Diver Certification - NAUI advanced certification or the equivalent is required. The instructor is to ensure adequate student knowledge and capability before any open water training and shall use skill or other evaluations to do so.

* Equipment - Students shall learn how to care for and maintain diving equipment. The instructor shall initially assist the student in checking all student gear to insure it is adequate and in proper working order.


Oman's waters are blessed with an abundance of sea life including an estimated 20 of the 80 known species of whales and dolphins. Global Scuba can arrange with other reliable companies the opportunity of enjoying the sight of the fabulous dolphins off the coast of Oman and, if you are very lucky, even whales.

The boats leave Marina Bander Al Rowdha at about 0800Hrs and head out to sea towards the favourite feeding grounds of the dolphins - between Fahal Island (opposite to the Petroleum refinery) and Bandar Khairan - a beautiful area of islands and pristine beaches.

Click here to see notes on the commonly asked questions about dolphins - for you to read and enjoy before seeing these beautiful creatures for yourself.

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