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Daymaniyat Islands ( Dimaniyat Islands)

Our main destination.
We make every effort to protect the environment here and have been awarded a certificate from The Oman Government for our eco friendly work
Well known as a destination for turtles to lay their eggs, Oman offers the opportunity to see 5 out of the 7 underwater species of turtles.

We specialize in diving The Daymaniyat Islands which are the jewels in the crown for diving in the Gulf of Oman. A group of 9 islands sanctuary for migrating birds and Oman's premier nature reserve having been under the protection of The Ministryof Envrionment since 1996. These tiny islands lie about 18 km off the Batinah Coast and are Oman's only marine National Reserve . Diving here is spectacular with 12 dive sites offering beautiful coral gardens, reefs, walls, large pelagic fish, turtles, rays, leopard sharks and our old friend the whale shark is a frequent visitor!!

Coral reefs cover up to 70% of the dive sites seabed with a hundred and ten different species of soft and hard coral of which no less than 10% are unique to Oman’s waters.. Marine life is abundant with 280 different species of fish, varying from sting -rays, occasional turtles, moray eels, Leopard sharks, etc and on rare occasions the whale shark. We are the most convenient centre for diving the Dimaniyat Islands being only 15 minutes by car from most major hotels and only 30 minutes by boat from the eastern islands.

The sea life and coral are so abundant and close to the surface that they are also a paradise for snorkellers.

3 Sisters Daymaniyat (click here to view Photos)

A colorful site! Soft corals are abundant, stingrays, moray eels, sun fish and sometimes leopard sharks dozing on a bed of white sand.
Garden of Eden Daymaniyat (click here to view Photos)

As its name implies, an idyllic landscape! Huge blocks of coral reefs dotted with soft orange, purple, yellow. The leopard sharks like to patrol around here. In summer, it is possible to encounter whale sharks!

June Daymaniyat (click here to view Photos)

Table corals, soft corals, schools of colorful fish. Even if the boat ride is a little longer, the site is well worth visiting. In summer, you may meet with the lucky whale shark!
Noodle Daymaniyat (click here to view Photos)

In Daymaniyat, leopard sharks are quite common. Their favorite place for a good nap is Noodle! And if they are not there, the scenery is beautiful! Rays, turtles and moray eels honeycomb are waiting for you. A feast for the eyes!
Aquarium Daymaniyat (click here to view Photos)

The Pearl of  The Daymaniyat Islands  where you can see everything. There are so many fish it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the landscape in front of us! Bands of jacks, snappers, batfish  (who will follow us throughout the dive), barracuda, red-toothed triggerfish . The variety of species is large. Huge, stingrays and eagle rays, turtles, leopard sharks, endless moray eels, scorpion fish, bull sharks and guitar sharks. In the summer, very often the whale shark! If they are at home, we can meet seahorses!
Hayut Daymaniyat (click here to view Photos)

A wall descends down to 20 meters! On this wall, soft purple corals. The honeycomb moray eels are waiting for you. Bring your flashlight, overhangs are numerous. The rays are hiding there and the lion fish.

Turtle City Daymaniyat (click here to view Photos)
Shallow dive, ideal for beginners. Coral garden. It spreads like a carpet. Large sea turtles are large, bat fish come our way. With any luck, the leopard shark is present and the small manta rays

Fahal Island (Shark Island)

Fahal is a Rock Island located 4 km offshore from Muscat's popular tourist beach and is our secondary destination after The Daymaniyat Islands and has some very attractive dive sites. It takes fifteen minutes by boat from our Dive Centre. It offers excellent diving, with bays containing different types of hard and soft coral. Of the 39 genera of corals that have been found in the Muscat area, all but three occur at Fahal Island, on three nearby rock pinnacles which range in depth from 17 to 35 m. For the more adventurous divers there is a cave swim-through and a well inhabited wreck of a tug boat and barge at 30 meters depth to the north of the island. Sharks can be often found basking on the sandbanks.

Fahal West Bay

Located across from Old Muscat, the big rock is very popular with divers. Especially the west bay. The landscape is magnificent. The banns of many fish. Small yellowtail barracuda, snappers, trigger. Very beautiful table coral. Stingrays, turtles, morays.
Fahal Wreck

Small wreck located in the northern bay of Fahal. At 28 meters on sand bottom. Soft corals are attached and it is the refuge of many schools of fish and a nice big grouper! The dive ends falling on the dotted colored soft corals. We meet sometimes eagle rays, large barracuda, turtles.

Bandar Khayran

A large area of outstanding beauty, with rocky outcrops, deserted beaches and small islands accessible only by boat. The underwater scenery does not disappoint with stunning rock falls, picturesque walls and reefs festooned with colorful arrays of coral and tropical fish. Bandar Khairan offers shallow bay dives and deep wall dives.

Al Munassir

This 3,000 ton ship was sunk in 30 meters of water in the turquoise waters of Bandar Khairan close to the capital of Oman, Muscat. It is rapidly becoming an attractive wreck dive.

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